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Receive Great Service with AT&T Uverse

What exactly is AT&T’s U-Verse system? Continue reading to find out more info on Uverse.

Receive Great Service with AT&T Uverse

About Uverse

U-verse is regarded as a service that is offered by AT&T. The particular service is presently available in 22 states. AT&T launched the service plan in the year of 2006.


Chronological Order of Events of AT&T U-verse

In ’07 for only over a year ever since Uverse was released, it was actually offered to nearly three million customers in the USA. Uverse had been introduced to a lot of cities in the US, which includes Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, San Diego and also Cleveland and Detroit by that year.

U-Verse voice eventually was added in the year of 2008. U-Verse Voice was at the start given to Detroit locals and also over 200,000 residents subscribed and benefited by the service plan. At one point in time, over 10,000 completely new installations were being made each and every week.

Ever since the time that it was first available, over 4 million individuals were enrolled in U-Verse TV, approximately 2 million U-Verse Voice users and almost 7 million High-speed Internet clients were subscribed in 2011.


AT&T Uverse Offers

U-Verse has six sorts of bundles for you to select from. The lowest priced plan that you can pick from is the plan which costs a little less than twenty-dollars every month, and that’s the Internet plan.

The U-Family plan’s the following plan up right from the Internet offer. The following plan incorporates DVR, and you could actually add the premium and have it free for around 90 days. This specific plan will set you back about thirty-dollars each month that is definitely very reasonable.

Only for $50 a month you could already subscribe to the TV and Internet Bundle and $79 every month for the TV, Internet as well as Phone Bundle. A downstream speeds of 6MBPs is offered within both bundles, whilst a 250 minutes’ worth of call time is actually provided to the TV, Internet as well as Phone Bundle.

Both other plans that U-Verse provides is the Max TV and Internet package as well as the Max TV, Internet and also Phone plan. A downstream speeds of 18MBPs is available in either package.


Subscriber Equipment

The appropriate pieces of equipment essential for the U-Verse customers have been made available from AT&T. The clients are presented an option to either lease their equipment for a monthly fee or pay it off full accompanied by a warranty good for 12 months. TV receivers produced by Cisco and Motorola, wireless router and also modem are classified as the devices that’ll be provided to U-Verse users.


U-Verse: How to Get It

Subscribing for U-Verse is definitely easy. You can go to AT&T’s internet site and pick U-Verse to sign up for your very own U-Verse. It is actually available in 22 states, therefore you better make sure that you are existing in those areas to obtain this particular service. When you do reside in a location where the service is offered, you may then choose the plan that you’d like, and then a representative will go to your location, and then the right machines will be installed, which will enable you to take advantage of all the features that the service provides.

Before signing up for a plan, though, always investigate all of your purchasing choices. AT&T works with numerous web marketers which are permitted to publish incentives for Uverse products. Websites just like offer a selection of coupons and deals now which can help you when purchasing AT&T U-verse. Coupon codes are a fantastic way for buyers to lower the cost of their Uverse purchase.



U-Verse is a great service to acquire, and it is also well worth the money. Are you searching for a good Internet, Phone and TV package provider? Search no more, U-Verse is definitely the service provider created exclusively for you.

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Straight Talk’s New Mobile Phone Plans

Straight Talk, a top cellular phone supplier, has numerous cellular plans to suit any client. Straight Talk is a company that is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. You can easily pick a cellular phone plan from several different choices, such as options that won’t require you to maintain an agreement, allowing customers free to switch from Straight Talk any time. The programs from Straight Talk are available via Wal-Mart or on the internet helping to make purchasing through them incredibly convenient.

Straight Talk Cell Phone

Straight Talk carries many of the hottest mobile phone models and brands which mean that clients have several choices to select from. Whether or not customers are interested in standard cellphones or even models with many great features, clients can find what they’re interested in at Straight Talk. \Straight Talk provides phones that are touchscreen plus up-to-date with the newest technology for people who appreciate their gadgets. Whatever the client is looking for, Straight Talk has the right item.

Straight Talk even provides an option which lets consumers maintain their own existing mobile phones and just sign up for a mobile phone plan.

Straight Talk furthermore permits you to obtain a different cell phone number or simply maintain your old cell phone number should you desire.

Straight Talk clients will not have just about any issues keeping in contact with friends and family when using the Straight Talk nationwide coverage. Straight Talk prides itself in being a price-leader within the cellular phone sector. Customers could get a more affordable bargain when you use online

Straight Talk allows customers to select a plan that suits their needs. For instance, the unlimited plans allow customers unlimited talk and texting inside the U.S. There are unlimited plans where you can text message and talk as much as you’d like around the world, which is a big benefit for individuals who have family members overseas. There’s also a scaled-down plan for people who don’t use a cell phone very often.

Plans can be set-up to automatically refill monthly or to refill only as needed. It is completely for you to decide. There are also calling plans that you could purchase that permit you to pay a greater payment but possess coverage for a greater period, for example Three months, Six months or even a full year so that you are set to proceed and do not have to bother about finding the time to refill your cellphone on a monthly basis.

Straight Talk is a company which has been designed to address a customer’s unique requirements as well as suit each client on their own to make sure that there is something for each customer.

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Getting Coupons to Work for You

Coupons are one of the most effective ways of luring customers to your business or store. Various marketing researches show that around 97% shoppers like to use coupons. It gives them a thrust to shop more. Coupons are not only a good way to retain existing customers but also to get back your lost customers. Cross-selling and up-selling also gets a boost by way of offering coupons to the shoppers. There is a high probability that for a shopper who is willing to travel a long distance in order to use a coupon to buy other products too. Couponing strategy is actively being used by marketers to get sales leads and convert their prospective buyers to regular customers.

Getting Coupons to Work for You
Some important tips for the effective implementation of coupon strategy are offering discounts (like 50%off) and bonus offers (buy two, get third free or buy one get the second for half price). The use of pictures, illustrations, company logos while promoting the coupons or deals is a great way to capture the interests of shoppers and has more impact.

The offer should be clearly presented with bright bold headings. The benefits of the use of product need to be communicated to the buyer because that is what interests the buyer most. Some words are magical for the world of marketing like free, save, deal, now, how to, love etc. which when used appropriately can draw the consumer’s attention. Up-selling is yet another way to sell more and retain customers; if the customer asks about a certain product, it doesn’t harm in telling them about a related product(s) which can be more beneficial to them and make their lives easy.

Cross-selling is another way to increase sales. Analytics is the guru mantra today; companies store each and every bit of data related to their customers and use that data to produce valuable information. Name, addresses, email, phone, method of shopping, likes, dislikes, returns etc. are all key information for companies to be in touch with their customers and serve them better. Constant promotions, like recurring promo codes and direct marketing are all ways to stay connected with the customers.

And never forget customer relationship management. Customer satisfaction ultimately leads to customer retention.

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In Japan, the Beeping Goes On

An interesting article in the New York Times reports there is a reluctance of Japanese companies and individuals to switch to a fully web-based communication system in place of using the antiquated, beeping fax machine. How ironic of the Japanese hesitation to switch to a more advanced method of communication considering that the country is one of the most technologically developed nations on the planet.

In Japan, the Beeping Goes On

The reluctance stems in part from the Japanese language being so complex that keyboards couldn’t handle the thousands of characters required to communicate in the language until the advent of the word processor in the 1980s. Before the word processor came on the scene, people would hand-write what they needed when placing an order with a business, for example.

Moreover, Japan is a nation that continues to grow older with a relatively low birth rate for the developed world. Since a majority of the population is older, they are more reluctant to adapt to a different mode of communication than they have been used to, which helps explain why older Japanese citizens still prefer faxes to getting an email address. Many of these same people may also not feel that email or other modes of web-based communication are secure enough to protect their personal information. Consequently, fax machine remains extremely popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that 1.7 million machines were sold in Japan in 2012!

Nearly 100% of all Japanese businesses and almost half of Japanese homes have a fax machine. While banks and other businesses are trying to convince the population that using other means of electronic communication, mostly web-based, are safe and efficient, it’s been difficult to get the older generation on board. Some interesting alternatives are being introduced, such as a method that would allow someone to send a fax to someone’s smartphone, which could help bridge the divide between those who love the fax machine and those who prefer a smartphone. Japan has seen itself falling behind other countries in terms of technological efficiency, and may fall even further behind if the Japanese citizens don’t adapt and change their basic methods of communicating.

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Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan December 2012

Poor Japan, can’t catch a break – after last year’s devastating earthquake, the same area gets rocked by yet another earthquake, with a 7.3 magnitude, followed by a tsunami.

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Tips for Traveling in Japan

Japan is rich with cultural, religious and fun tourist attractions. It is hard to pick from all the opportunities the country has to offer. From Disney to sacred temples of the ancients, Japan has something that will delight and astound the entire family.

Tokyo is loaded with interesting things to do. It is easy to get around the city by train, subway, bus or taxi. The Imperial Palace is the home of the Emperor and boasts exquisite buildings and lush gardens. While there, visit the nearby Edo Castle that was built in the 1800s. Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 to announce economic success for Japan and is the world’s tallest self-supporting tower. Ride to the top to see Japan from the sky. Ueno Zoo has been a point of interest since 1882 and has over 400 species of animals. A monorail transports tourists from one end to the other. The National Museum displays cultural and historical displays as well as art and some national treasures. Disneyland is in Tokyo and offers fun for children of all ages.

Kyoto is a city that has a great deal to offer to tourists. Watch Geisha performances in theater houses all over the city. Kyoto was the first capital of Japan and the Imperial Palace, built in 1855 is decorated with gardens. Ryoan-ji Zen Garden is one of the best examples of a Zen garden. The Temples of the Golden Pavilion and Silver Pavilion have buildings decorated with real gold leaf and silver. The Dibutsu, or Great Buddha, is a statue weighing 250 tons, built in 752 and made of bronze.

Hiroshima, destroyed by the first Atomic bomb, is the sight of an impressive memorial. Today it is transformed into beautiful gardens and parks. The museums tell the story of the disaster and Peace Park keeps the memory burning with a peace flame and ruins from the old city.

Mount Fuji is a familiar symbol of Japan and a beautiful place to visit. It is the highest point in Japan and has many hiking trails in the National Park. Try to avoid going during the winter as the trek can be dangerous, but July and August are peak times for all the flowers to be blooming and makes for an easy hike to the top.

Regardless of where you are travelling within Japan, travel deals can always be had, especially during certain times of year. For travel tips and deals, check travel sites like Expedia. And with Expedia coupons, deals can often be found on hotel and flight packages to virtually all major cities in Japan. Not sure where to visit first? It might help to look for an organized tour, where all of the travel and sightseeing details are taken care of for you.

Remember that the people of Japan are very traditional and appreciate respect. Dress conservatively, speak softly in public places and remove shoes when asked in certain environments. The locals are used to tourists and are very forgiving, but are more likely to help if respect is given.

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Japanese Animation And The World

The Influence Of Japanese Animation

The United States has been the leader in film and television since the rise of Hollywood, but one area of western visual entertainment has been lacking as a superpower. Animated television shows in the United States and all over the world have been increasingly influenced by Japanese style animation. This influence has been growing for over a decade and shows no signs of decline as hundreds of American, European and Canadian comic books and television shows emerge.

Brief History

The Japanese style of animation has roots in the Japanese comics called Manga. Manga is believed to have begun as long ago as the 12th century when Japanese monks used the likeness of animals to tell tales of corruption in the political system. Characters are typically iconic in the extreme. Very simple lines are used to show few exaggerated features. Emotions are often revealed by curved lines and colors.

Anime In The West

In the western world, the word anime refers to the Japanese style of drawing. There is even a term for western animation that is obviously influenced by the anime style. This western term is Anime-Influenced Animation. Many people believe there to be two mainstream styles of comic drawing and story telling; The Japanese manga and the American superhero. However, modern cartoons about highly symbolic American superheroes have even begun to take on an Anime influenced style. The current morphing of American style comics and cartoons is proof of the huge influence Japanese anime is having on the world. This Western style change most notably began in the 80’s with cartoons such as Transformers. Before this influence, American comics were a staple of American culture and ideals. Ruggedly drawn superheroes were more than iconic for many westerners, but times change and Japan has proven itself as a leader in comics and animation.

Adult Content

The Japanese style has proven influential for adult themed animations as well as children’s shows. Many popular late night western adult cartoons show a more mature Japanese style. Settings often combine western and eastern cultures. Manga and anime are no longer considered immature mediums. Many serious artists produce respectable works through Japanese influenced animation techniques.

Worldly Influence

It is not just the United States that has been influenced by Japanese animation. Europe and Canada have produced quality art with obvious eastern influences. It was a Canadian short film that became the first non-Asian work to win the Open Entries Grand Prize. The prize is given at the Anime Awards held in Tokyo, Japan.

Western Influence On Japanese Animation

Though the influence of Japanese animation on the rest of the world is obvious, it is also known that certain western films influenced the future of anime. A Japanese film maker named Osamu Tezuka began making anime films in the 30’s by adapting Walt Disney pictures. He first adapted Snow White and the Seven Dwarves so that it could use less frames and be more cost effective. This began as a way to create films on a low budget, but the simplistic style eventually took on a life of it’s own.

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The Top 10 Japanese Anime

These top 10 Japanese anime lists can be very opinionated, but there are really some top choices that have created an influence all across the globe!

  1. Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki is a prominent writer, animator, and film director. His name is often synonymous with the late Walt Disney. He has a keen eye for detail and story, and that’s what made Princess Mononoke such a great anime! Although, it was made in 1997, it still has a huge impact and looks ahead of its time!
  2. Cowboy Bebop - This series was straight to the point; no realfillers during the series. The animation was on point as well as the characters giving the right level of mystique, punch, and panache. What really made this series shine on a number of levels is the music. The music made by legendary composer, Yoko Kanno, gave the anime the right direction and subtly it needed!
  3. Pokemon - Beside, being a very unique and kid friendly anime, it is one that has transcended a number of countries. With it’s brilliant and warm feeling, it has captivated many homes across the world. It even transcended gaming, movies as well as merchandising!
  4. Gundam  – The art style of the time as well as the voice acting and storyline made it a fan favorite among teenagers as well as adults. It had a very serious tone in contrast with more light hearted, wacky style animes. This was one that could be enjoyed by mature audiences with deep undertones.
  5. Sailor Moon – This is another solid series that was intended for a younger teenage girl audience, but guys also watched it. It was well made, and had a real impact on the cosplay (costume playing) world as many girls would dress in their favorite sailor scout outfits!
  6. Akira - From a more science fiction type of role, this would have to be at the top tier! The fact that an anime could influence pop culture with a worldwide known artist like Kanye West is spectacular. He parodied a scene from the movie in his song “Stronger” back in 2007.
  7. Digimon - Digital Monsters were becoming really popular with devices like Gigapets and Tamagotchi pets. It served as a great alternative to a series such as Pokemon with a more serious overtone.
  8. Ghost in the Shell -  This still remains a popular series to watch. The complex themes as well as the science fiction makes it a very stand out anime.
  9. Slayers - The series has had a successful run from the early 90s all the way to 2009-2010.
  10. Dragon Ball (particularly Dragon Ball Z)From the countless games that come out yearly, a Hollywood movie as well as costumes, it remains a worldwide phenomena! Both kids and adults love this series! 
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About Trainman the Movie (Japanese film know as Densha Otoko)

Train Man is a Japanese movie that centers around the life of a twenty-three year old man who plays on his computer and does not have much of a romantic life. That is until he is instrumental in stopping the harassment of some young women on a train by a drunk man, and he meets a woman who he later begins to date. This movie is supposedly based on a true story and has been so revered in the Japanese community that it has been adapted into not just a movie but also a television series, manga and novel.

The supposedly true story comes from a computer thread where an anonymous man, later nicknamed Train Man, told people about how he had helped fight off a drunk man from harassing a group of women on a train. This man apparently posted on the thread about how one of the women that he had helped was especially thankful for his service to her and asked for his address. The fable goes on to tell that after the Train Man received a gift from this particular woman, that he was advised by the other men on the thread to contact the woman, and throughout the course of the relationship of Train Man and the woman that he saved, it is said that he kept the people on the computer thread completely informed.

Whether or not the story of the Train Man is true, no one can really say for certain. Some people, including the producers of the television series, claim that they have spoken with the real man who is supposed to be Train Man. However, some have seen this as a way to increase the ratings of the show by making it seem like the story is true. Either way, the Train Man is a very compelling story that has captivated audiences in many different arenas of entertainment.

The book that the movie was based off of sold many copies in a very short period of time when it was officially released. The story of the Train Man has become so popular that other movies and stories have been named similar things to create a buzz for their Japanese release. For example, the American movie Napoleon Dynamite was renamed Bus Man for this purpose. This proves how the story of the Train Man has impacted the lives of people living in Japan.

The main thing about the movie Train Man that people love is that it is the quintessential love story. The Train Man is generally portrayed as an academic computer type that has not had a lot of love in his life, and the main female that he saves on the train is the typical damsel in distress. Men and women, alike, love to see the computer geek boy with no romantic life at all get the girl in a dramatic rescue. That is why this story has spread so far into the different genres of media, because it is a story that people never tire of hearing.

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Densha Otoko – The Book

Densha Otoko which means “Train man” in Japanese is a shonen genre book. This book has been used as an example about the stereotypical nice guy who happens to be a geek and wishes for a girlfriend but is too shy to openly speak to others. Densha Otoko has turned into a popular success in Japan, as it has a television series, a full feature length film, and a manga series. The plot of the novel is described as the “internet generation love story from Japan”. It recounts what is possibiliy a true tale of a young otaku man who helps many girls from a drunkard on a train. The otaku man eventually ends up getting a girlfriend out his bravery. 

The story starts out when the young man witnesses a drunk harassing women aboard the train and struggles to stop the aggravation. Every time he finds himself in this situation, the women come up to him and thank him deeply for his kindness. The otaku, who never had this form of appreciation before, shared his experiences with posters on a forum called 2channel. From then on, he was dubbed Densha Otoko. One of the women showed her appreciation by sending him a fancy set of saucers and cups from Hermes. He was shocked at this gift and turned to his fellow 2channel posters for suggestions on the matter. The Train Man finally had several outings with the woman and began to change his nerdy demeanor, becoming more confident in his persona and looks. The novel’s success was international due to how many young men could relate to the main character and his shyness. The original novel was released on October 22nd, 2004 in Japan. An English translated version came out in 2007, which was published by Del Rey Books.

The way the book is presented is definitely unique compared to other Japanese novels. The story is written as 2channel posts that follow through fifty seven days. The story is made up into six chapters and has over twenty thousand posts from the train man himself and other 2channel posters with whom he converses. The author of the book is left anonymous under the pseudonym Nakano Hitori, which is a play on the words “Naka no hitori”, a word used to describe people who post on internet forums. Densha Otoko has played a large part in the popular culture of Japan and serves as inspiration for otakus who have trouble coming out of their shells.

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