About Trainman the Movie (Japanese film know as Densha Otoko)

Train Man is a Japanese movie that centers around the life of a twenty-three year old man who plays on his computer and does not have much of a romantic life. That is until he is instrumental in stopping the harassment of some young women on a train by a drunk man, and he meets a woman who he later begins to date. This movie is supposedly based on a true story and has been so revered in the Japanese community that it has been adapted into not just a movie but also a television series, manga and novel.

The supposedly true story comes from a computer thread where an anonymous man, later nicknamed Train Man, told people about how he had helped fight off a drunk man from harassing a group of women on a train. This man apparently posted on the thread about how one of the women that he had helped was especially thankful for his service to her and asked for his address. The fable goes on to tell that after the Train Man received a gift from this particular woman, that he was advised by the other men on the thread to contact the woman, and throughout the course of the relationship of Train Man and the woman that he saved, it is said that he kept the people on the computer thread completely informed.

Whether or not the story of the Train Man is true, no one can really say for certain. Some people, including the producers of the television series, claim that they have spoken with the real man who is supposed to be Train Man. However, some have seen this as a way to increase the ratings of the show by making it seem like the story is true. Either way, the Train Man is a very compelling story that has captivated audiences in many different arenas of entertainment.

The book that the movie was based off of sold many copies in a very short period of time when it was officially released. The story of the Train Man has become so popular that other movies and stories have been named similar things to create a buzz for their Japanese release. For example, the American movie Napoleon Dynamite was renamed Bus Man for this purpose. This proves how the story of the Train Man has impacted the lives of people living in Japan.

The main thing about the movie Train Man that people love is that it is the quintessential love story. The Train Man is generally portrayed as an academic computer type that has not had a lot of love in his life, and the main female that he saves on the train is the typical damsel in distress. Men and women, alike, love to see the computer geek boy with no romantic life at all get the girl in a dramatic rescue. That is why this story has spread so far into the different genres of media, because it is a story that people never tire of hearing.

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