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In Japan, the Beeping Goes On

An interesting article in the New York Times reports there is a reluctance of Japanese companies and individuals to switch to a fully web-based communication system in place of using the antiquated, beeping fax machine. How ironic of the Japanese hesitation to switch to a more advanced method of communication considering that the country is […]

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Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan December 2012

Poor Japan, can’t catch a break – after last year’s devastating earthquake, the same area gets rocked by yet another earthquake, with a 7.3 magnitude, followed by a tsunami.

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Tips for Traveling in Japan

Japan is rich with cultural, religious and fun tourist attractions. It is hard to pick from all the opportunities the country has to offer. From Disney to sacred temples of the ancients, Japan has something that will delight and astound the entire family. Tokyo is loaded with interesting things to do. It is easy to […]

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