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In Japan, the Beeping Goes On

An interesting article in the New York Times reports there is a reluctance of Japanese companies and individuals to switch to a fully web-based communication system in place of using the antiquated, beeping fax machine. How ironic of the Japanese hesitation to switch to a more advanced method of communication considering that the country is […]

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Japanese Animation And The World

The Influence Of Japanese Animation The United States has been the leader in film and television since the rise of Hollywood, but one area of western visual entertainment has been lacking as a superpower. Animated television shows in the United States and all over the world have been increasingly influenced by Japanese style animation. This […]

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The Top 10 Japanese Anime

These top 10 Japanese anime lists can be very opinionated, but there are really some top choices that have created an influence all across the globe! Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki is a prominent writer, animator, and film director. His name is often synonymous with the late Walt Disney. He has a keen eye for detail […]

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About Trainman the Movie (Japanese film know as Densha Otoko)

Train Man is a Japanese movie that centers around the life of a twenty-three year old man who plays on his computer and does not have much of a romantic life. That is until he is instrumental in stopping the harassment of some young women on a train by a drunk man, and he meets […]

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Densha Otoko – The Book

Densha Otoko which means “Train man” in Japanese is a shonen genre book. This book has been used as an example about the stereotypical nice guy who happens to be a geek and wishes for a girlfriend but is too shy to openly speak to others. Densha Otoko has turned into a popular success in […]

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What is Japanese Anime?

Anime is a term for animation produced in Japan which has a very distinctive style that tends to feature bright colors and themes that Americans wouldn’t associate with cartoons. The word itself is the shortened form of the word animation in Japanese, and this form of entertainment has taken the Western world by storm over […]

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Otaku and 2ch

In modern Japanese slang, otaku refers to an overly obsessed fan of any one particular theme, topic, or hobby. The term is used most commonly with anime or manga otaku, but by itself just means “fanatic.” Thus, there are many varieties of otaku in Japan, such as paso-kon otaku (personal computer geeks), game otaku, idol […]

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Cast & Staff

Takayuki Yamada Train_Man (Densha Otoko) Born on 20th October 1983 in Kagoshima, first started out co-starring in a handful of TV dramas before making a big splash on”Waterboys” (TV 2003), followed with “Fireboys” (TV 2004), his award winning performance in “Crying out love in the center of the world” (TV 2004). He made his movie […]

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The True Story That Launched An Internet Sensation

Train Man: Densha Otoko is the film inspired by the phenomenal bestseller by Hitori Nakano that has taken Japan by storm. Based on true events that took place on a popular Bulletin Board website in Japan called “2ch,” this fairy-tale-like story has become a media sensation, and been adapted in book, comic, television drama, and […]

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