The Top 10 Japanese Anime

These top 10 Japanese anime lists can be very opinionated, but there are really some top choices that have created an influence all across the globe!

  1. Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki is a prominent writer, animator, and film director. His name is often synonymous with the late Walt Disney. He has a keen eye for detail and story, and that’s what made Princess Mononoke such a great anime! Although, it was made in 1997, it still has a huge impact and looks ahead of its time!
  2. Cowboy Bebop - This series was straight to the point; no realfillers during the series. The animation was on point as well as the characters giving the right level of mystique, punch, and panache. What really made this series shine on a number of levels is the music. The music made by legendary composer, Yoko Kanno, gave the anime the right direction and subtly it needed!
  3. Pokemon - Beside, being a very unique and kid friendly anime, it is one that has transcended a number of countries. With it’s brilliant and warm feeling, it has captivated many homes across the world. It even transcended gaming, movies as well as merchandising!
  4. Gundam  – The art style of the time as well as the voice acting and storyline made it a fan favorite among teenagers as well as adults. It had a very serious tone in contrast with more light hearted, wacky style animes. This was one that could be enjoyed by mature audiences with deep undertones.
  5. Sailor Moon – This is another solid series that was intended for a younger teenage girl audience, but guys also watched it. It was well made, and had a real impact on the cosplay (costume playing) world as many girls would dress in their favorite sailor scout outfits!
  6. Akira - From a more science fiction type of role, this would have to be at the top tier! The fact that an anime could influence pop culture with a worldwide known artist like Kanye West is spectacular. He parodied a scene from the movie in his song “Stronger” back in 2007.
  7. Digimon - Digital Monsters were becoming really popular with devices like Gigapets and Tamagotchi pets. It served as a great alternative to a series such as Pokemon with a more serious overtone.
  8. Ghost in the Shell -  This still remains a popular series to watch. The complex themes as well as the science fiction makes it a very stand out anime.
  9. Slayers - The series has had a successful run from the early 90s all the way to 2009-2010.
  10. Dragon Ball (particularly Dragon Ball Z)From the countless games that come out yearly, a Hollywood movie as well as costumes, it remains a worldwide phenomena! Both kids and adults love this series! 
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