Tips for Traveling in Japan

Japan is rich with cultural, religious and fun tourist attractions. It is hard to pick from all the opportunities the country has to offer. From Disney to sacred temples of the ancients, Japan has something that will delight and astound the entire family.

Tokyo is loaded with interesting things to do. It is easy to get around the city by train, subway, bus or taxi. The Imperial Palace is the home of the Emperor and boasts exquisite buildings and lush gardens. While there, visit the nearby Edo Castle that was built in the 1800s. Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 to announce economic success for Japan and is the world’s tallest self-supporting tower. Ride to the top to see Japan from the sky. Ueno Zoo has been a point of interest since 1882 and has over 400 species of animals. A monorail transports tourists from one end to the other. The National Museum displays cultural and historical displays as well as art and some national treasures. Disneyland is in Tokyo and offers fun for children of all ages.

Kyoto is a city that has a great deal to offer to tourists. Watch Geisha performances in theater houses all over the city. Kyoto was the first capital of Japan and the Imperial Palace, built in 1855 is decorated with gardens. Ryoan-ji Zen Garden is one of the best examples of a Zen garden. The Temples of the Golden Pavilion and Silver Pavilion have buildings decorated with real gold leaf and silver. The Dibutsu, or Great Buddha, is a statue weighing 250 tons, built in 752 and made of bronze.

Hiroshima, destroyed by the first Atomic bomb, is the sight of an impressive memorial. Today it is transformed into beautiful gardens and parks. The museums tell the story of the disaster and Peace Park keeps the memory burning with a peace flame and ruins from the old city.

Mount Fuji is a familiar symbol of Japan and a beautiful place to visit. It is the highest point in Japan and has many hiking trails in the National Park. Try to avoid going during the winter as the trek can be dangerous, but July and August are peak times for all the flowers to be blooming and makes for an easy hike to the top.

Regardless of where you are travelling within Japan, travel deals can always be had, especially during certain times of year. For travel tips and deals, check travel sites like Expedia. And with Expedia coupons, deals can often be found on hotel and flight packages to virtually all major cities in Japan. Not sure where to visit first? It might help to look for an organized tour, where all of the travel and sightseeing details are taken care of for you.

Remember that the people of Japan are very traditional and appreciate respect. Dress conservatively, speak softly in public places and remove shoes when asked in certain environments. The locals are used to tourists and are very forgiving, but are more likely to help if respect is given.

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